Welcome to The Oakland House, serving Spartanburg's best!  The Oakland House offers catering, event venue spaces, and unique experiences including our Evenings on Oakland as well as cooking and wine classes.



The Oakland House offers catering for any event you choose to hold in our beautifully decorated historical house, but will also come to your chosen location and cater off-site to suit your preferences. Whether you choose The Oakland House or another special location, we want your event to be special and memorable. At The Oakland House we pride ourselves on a wide variety of menu ideas and will create any custom menu to suit your palette and your budget. Whether you have a theme in mind or just an idea that needs a little spark, The Oakland House can create an experience that is as unique as your personality. From boxed lunches to weddings, we can do it all!
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The Oakland House specializes in not only private events catered to all your needs, but also special public events. Twice a month we gather our friends, old and new, together to enjoy wine, food, and fun at our Evenings on Oakland. These lively evenings always draw a crowd, eager to enjoy the food and wine pairings of the night and to learn about the origins, culture, and etiquette of the wine. In addition, The Oakland House is pleased to offer evening classes on anything from food, wine, and culture to art, history, and travel. Private classes are also available and can be tailored to suit your needs. Check our calendar to see our upcoming events.
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Keep your wine rack stocked with our wide range of rare wines with old staples and new varietals. At The Oakland House we pride ourselves on providing you hard-to-find boutique wines and the most exclusive wines from new distributors. You won't find this special collection in the grocery store. In our wine shop, you'll find reds, whites, and roses, along with aged wines, grape blends, sparkling wines, dessert wines, vermouths, and special beer brews. Please contact us to come by and browse our selection, to place a special order, or if you're in need of wine or beer in bulk for corporate events, weddings, parties, or just to stock up. 
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