The Oakland House has a wealth of knowledge about wine, food, culture and art that we'd love to share with you and your friends and family.

At The Oakland House, we offer public and private classes on a variety of subjects ranging from wine and food to art, culture and travel. We often supplement our Evening on Oakland events with specialized art or cooking classes or lectures and can create any private class you'd like. Our resident epicurean and wine enthusiast Kathryn Hicks has been an art professor for 40 years and has a studied art and culture for most of her life. She is knowledge able in classic Greek and Roman art and architecture and has traveled all over the world to witness works of art and architecture (and of course, sample the food and wine!). Our past classes have included: 

  • Painting classes (with wine, of course!) 
  • Drawing classes (gaining inspiration from an original Mirot or Picasso) 
  • Art lectures (with any theme - modern or contemporary art, Greek and Roman art, or Impressionism, etc.)  
  • Holiday hors d'oeuvres cooking classes and wine pairings
  • Sports-themed cooking classes (with the perfect tailgating recipes) 
  • Italian-theme pizza or handmade pasta classes

To find out when our next themed class is happening, join our mailing list or check out our Upcoming Events page. If you'd like to request a special class theme, contact us and we'll try to create an event you'll love. Our public classes are lively social events and great places to meet fellow wine enthusiast friends, but if you'd prefer a more private event, we'd be glad to arrange a class, wine tasting or wine and food pairing event just for you and your friends. Just contact us for details!